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Monday, 20 April 2015


This is a cool! Google re-evaluates search rankings based on whether sites are mobile friendly or not. Many will complain but this shows how this general pressure overall benefits consumers. Read more about it at this FT link.


  1. Dear prof Miklos,

    Hello. We are students who are studying Business Administration at Jeonju University in Republic of Korea. We are planning on making an oversea inquiry program called ‘Catch the world’ in our school. The primary topic of this program is applying strategies of Long-lived European companies to small and medium-sized businesses in Korea in order to suggest directivity for them. Therefore, we plan to visit the France and investigate many differentiated business strategies as well as future visions of LVMH, which is known as one of the best luxury fashion group in the world.

    While we are in the France, we would like to take a business administration class in INSEAD MBA, which is one of the best MBA school in the world. In the class, we would like to discuss about global businesses, world management, as well as global economy with professors and local students. Moreover, we also want to make the class a place for communication, which we share each other’s culture and understand about the differences and participate in ‘A Masterclass led by an INSEAD professor’, ‘Networking with current students’, ‘Campus tour’.

    By early on July, we plan to visit the France. If it is possible, we really would like to visit INSEAD MBA and learn about the France and study Business Administration. Please let us know. We will be looking forward to hear from you. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Myeong-hee Kim, Hye-won Na, Yun-ji Jeong
    Hidden Champion Team
    Jeonju University in Republic of Korea

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