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Tuesday, 5 February 2013


On February 1st, Netflix launched a new series, "House of Cards" featuring Kevin Spacey. The serie's production costs are estimated at over $100 million. Similar series are launched every month and in every possible genre (Downton Abbey is the latest craze in NYC, which - for those who have seen it - questions anything one has ever learnt about segmentation and targeting). Anyway, why is Netflix' launch news? It is so because this is the first major series launched online. Yet, Netflix is not alone. Hulu, Amazon and YouTube have also commissioned original content with the goal to provide high quality programming. Is this the beginning of a new era, similar to the rise of Cable? Every sign seems to indicate so. Today, Americans watch seven hours of online video per week, up 37% compared to last year. The advantage is, of course that the content can be watched whenever the customer desires!

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